A Conversation with Spring

IMG_0384 - Version 2Okay, I admit…I’ve always loved spring… its noticeably longer days; the alternating cool and warm breezes tickling my nose; and the surprises of  color.  I didn’t think it could get any better.  And, then, it did.

IMG_0310 - Version 2The day began routinely.  As I went about my work, Dakota waited patiently for the moment I would reach for my tennis shoes, signaling it was time for a long walk.   Jumping up and wagging the puff ball we call his tail, he was ready for his leash.

Our walk also began routinely.  Out the door, we turned right, with no reason to expect that today would be any different.  But, after all, it was spring and a small clump of blooming daffodils caught our attention.  So, we went off course – Dakota to smell and me to admire.

IMG_0320 - Version 2Then, it happened.  “Be joyful with life as it unfolds,”  a voice came through the breeze.  Not used to strange voices in my head or in breezes, I looked around to see who was there.  But we were alone.  Except for the daffodils nodding.  “Life’s mysteries always know the perfect time to bloom.”  Yep, it was the daffodils.

As my mind fluttered, trying to understand what was going on, my inner muse jumped into the conversation.  “The daffodils are right.  No matter how good we think we are at planning and getting things done, life does have perfect timing.”  About halfway through her list of examples, I nodded “Okay, okay!  Got it!”

It was none too soon when Dakota got restless and pulled at the leash. Thank goodness!   Thinking the daffodil speaking incident was behind me, we continued on our normal route toward the sidewalk.

IMG_0368 - Version 2But as we passed the pruned hedge on the right, a deep voice said  “Yup, those daffodils are pretty, but me and my buddies here have strong trunks,  deep roots and wisdom cultivated over many years.”

“Holy smokes!” I thought, “The hedge is in on this too!”  And once again, my inner muse was ready to go.  She reminded me that there is a lot more to me than what can been seen.  “You transform experiences into wisdom that you hold deep in your heart.   Plus, just like the hedge, you know how to let go of old stuff, rest, and be ready for the new.”  My muse was right, again, I have had many cycles of newness, growth, pruning, and rest.

By now, I was curious what would happen next, but all was quiet.  Dakota and I fell into the routine cadence of our walk and as we turned the corner announcing the halfway mark, Dakota stopped to explore the smells at the end of a driveway.

IMG_0340 - Version 2“It’s easy in your world to underestimate the power of passion and the gift of yielding” spoke a young voice.  As I looked down, there was a crocus newly burst through the ground reaching for the sun.

And as I had learned earlier, my inner muse wanted to be sure I got the point and she jumped right in.  “Remember the crocus  when you wonder whether your young ideas are strong enough to get through the existing layers of thought.  No one asked the crocus if it could get through the ground, it just did it.”

The wisdom within Spring’s voices was settling in and I noticed I was happy, content.  That is, until I was jolted out of my serenity by a loud voice.  “Look!!!  Look!!!  Here……”  My eyes caught a glimpse of a flowering forsythia “What do you see?” he asked.  

IMG_0356 - Version 2Not waiting for an answer, he blurted.   “Flowers, yes, yes, yes, but, look closer….Strong branches hold the flowers….the healthy bush nurtures them all.  Do you see?”

“Yes, I do,” I replied thankfully,  and then added “I, too, am the whole me.”   In that moment, a soft breeze bent the forsythia in a nod of agreement; and I knew the conversation was now complete.

Our routine walk became, once again, a routine walk on a beautiful spring day, but different….I had with me the voices of Spring…

Trust in the perfect time of life’s mysteries……..Feel your wisdom expanding in every cycle….. Move with the power of your passion…. Live in the gift of your wholeness.

I’d say it was a good day.  

Happy Spring!


 “Look deeper into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  Albert Einstein



About Kathleen

At the heart of my being, I am a creator, explorer and teacher. I love moving a concept into life so I know what life feels like – first hand – and then I share it and put the new knowledge into action.
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