The Nexus at the Top of the World

At the heart of my being, I am a creator, explorer and teacher.  I love moving a concept into life so I know what life feels like – first hand – and then I share it and put the new knowledge into action.   
Oh the places we go, as Dr. Seuss wrote, life has indeed taken me to many places.  Schools, businesses, marriages, motherhood, friendships, countries, cities, universities, community organizations, beaches, mountains, horses, yoga mats, and with this blog, a blank writing canvas. 
From the day she was born, my daughter has been my teacher.  She taught me that as a mom, I have a connection with every mom and therefore every being.  She opened the possibility of deep knowing and compassion within me. 
Currently, my day job is that of being a social entrepreneur – technology is clay with which I work.  I also have the good fortune of guest teaching in a university class room – leadership, social entreprenuership, technology commercialization and sharing life’s pathways.  I travel and write at every opportunity. 
I am the most intense when I am working in the business community – ah, there seems to be so much to do.  I am the most happy with my daughter and on a horse in the moutains.  I feel the most connected to myself and the world when I am with good friends, reading a great book, when life is quiet in meditation and when I am teaching, writing or drawing. 

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