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Stepping into Integration

In a world that pulls us in many directions, it is often challenging to find and connect to our inner self – our essence.   And as we do, it seems equally challenging to trust that we, much less the … Continue reading

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Five Fascinating Facts about Roald Dahl

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:
Roald Dahl was born on this day in 1916, so we’ve taken the opportunity to raise a glass of burgundy (apparently one of Dahl’s favourite drinks – see below) to the man who gave us Charlie…

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Anatomy of a Long Drive Home

Many traditions remind us that we are the full range of life – not just the parts we like, all the parts.   Love and hate.  Faith and doubt.  Surrender and fight. Meditating, contemplating, praying connect us with the mystery … Continue reading

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Savor, Savory

2014 is off to a roaring start, days moving faster than ever.  I’ve been thinking about this “fast pace”, well, hanging out with it, is a better description.  It’s not that I mind the galloping – frankly, most days, it’s … Continue reading

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The first draft for this blog started in November, around Thanksgiving.  It has taken many twists and turns since then; and now we’re in the midst of the next holiday season.  So, I wonder, how is all this time connected … Continue reading

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Befriending Change

The past month has been full and diverse.  That’s a good thing.  It means that life is changing.  But…. change is unnerving.  After all, what do I do when my mindfully created plans collide with life’s synchronicity? Certainly, I can … Continue reading

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New Frontiers

On September 9th, I headed to Seattle, WA.  I knew that, compared to Atlanta, the Northwest tended to be cloudy, misty, and rainy.  But, I wasn’t prepared for the magnificence of what I found – a lush North American rain … Continue reading

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