Happy New Year!

The other day, as I began writing in my journal, I found myself drawing instead.  I drew a box.  Then, I drew another box and another – as I watched, the drawing revealed a mountain of boxes.  “What’s going on here?” I wondered.  I sat with the question for a bit.

Slowly, words arrived.  Just like the packages I wrapped for Christmas, each box was unique.  Rather than containing a physical gift, the boxes held a gift of experience from this past year.  As the collection grew, I realized the boxes represent all the ways I mix and match to bring my joy, curiosity, love and abilities to the range of experiences in my life – being mom, a business woman, friend, teacher, writer, artist.

Some of the boxes embrace conversations with friends as we shared the ups, downs, and intensities of life’s experiences.  Many of the boxes hold the gifts of being mom in the year Sarah married.  Other boxes contain the energy of activities, events, change and talents I bring to the business world.  And, there are boxes that connect me to me through yoga, writing, art and my sheer delight of being in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with horses.  The list goes on.  Lovely.

As I meandered with the boxes, I started drawing a new picture – a flame appeared – this time the boxes surrounded it.  Voila, without a thought, the pen drew; it reminded me that there is more than the boxes.  There is an essence of being – life force energy, beyond description or boundaries – that powers my life and my capacity to create.

When I opened the journal to write, I had no conscious idea that I was reflecting on the past year.  I was, nonetheless.  The two drawings revealed the simple beauty of life:  the gifts we share as we fully participate in our worlds of families, friends, community, talents and passion; and the gift of being.  Without words, I felt gratitude.

The drawing continued – this time, the box collection and flame were in the same image fully revealing their connectedness.  This was the blessing for the New Year: 2012, abundant with the gifts of possibilities and experiences; fully powered by our eternal essence.

As 2011 completes its cycle and 2012 begins, I celebrate 2011 with you and honor your gifts (the ones you liked and the ones you would like to return, if you could) and the uniqueness of our paths.

For 2012, I toast with you – to the many boxes we will create and the fullness of enjoying the range of each new experience.

And like the fact that 2012 will arrive just like any other day, at the appointed hour, and then it will simply be, may you always feel the quiet presence of your essence, simply being.

Blessings, joy and love to you for the New Year.

Thank you for reading.



About Kathleen

At the heart of my being, I am a creator, explorer and teacher. I love moving a concept into life so I know what life feels like – first hand – and then I share it and put the new knowledge into action.
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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Hofmann Sandra says:

    So funny…I’m reading your post and reflecting that there are boxes in my life too…only they are filled with reams of paper either headed to the recycle trash or the shredder! Other boxes are items that I am “gifting” to family, friends, and community services. All this “stuff” feels like a weight that I am lifting away.

    For example, why in the world am I holding onto a Kirby vacuum cleaner with a multitude of attachments? It is too heavy to cart up and down the stairs and I have both a Miele and a Dyson that perform perfectly for what I need. Yet I paid so much for it twenty years ago…seems like I should keep it…but I think the last time I used it was almost 10 years in Boston. What am I thinking??? It is headed out the door this year.

    Every closet, every drawer, every nook and corner…PURGE….feels wonderful. Creative? Maybe not. Explorer…most definitely! Encountering memories and dust. Experiencing paper cuts and broken nails. Loving the order and organizing!

  2. Kathleen Kurre says:

    Love it!!!

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