Being in Today

Over the years, I have become well-practiced at planning my day based on moving to a prescribed, predetermined result – a drill familiar to many of us.  One day last week, I was fully into my thoughts, goals, and to-do list which included a quick side trip home to pick up papers I had forgotten earlier.   As is my ritual, I stopped the car at the curb in front of my home, opened the door and stepped out of the car.  I retrieved keys from my purse, approached the front door, put the key in the door – and then I looked down.  At my left foot was a beautiful feather lying on the doormat.  I stood quiet; took a breath and in that moment, I felt part of a life larger than my list.

So, it is no wonder that when I was reading the Sunday paper, an article and quote jumped off the page.  The article highlighted 3 award winning art teachers  and noted that a recent assignment from Kevin Cole, one of the teachers, had the students make collages “showing what they saw on the way to school each morning.”  I loved this.  It reminded me of the feather and of all of the gifts in my life that I walk by every day, without even noticing.

Being in today, for me, is about noticing – being attentive to myself and all that is around me.  I purposefully look for awe.  My breathing is awe-inspiring.  When I watch it, my mind quiets.  When I feel it, I feel the fresh air coming in and I think about all of the cells in my body dancing with that fresh air and I remember how easily they release the old – all they no longer need.

Being in Today is about noticing life – as it’s happening – and allowing it to be awe-inspiring.  Being in Today asks us to see and hear differently.  This is a practiced, alive path.  It is always there – whether we remember it or not.  And it always welcomes us back.  John Lennon captured this well:  “Life is what happens while you are making other plans”

Most days, I’m still living life that I’m planning and seeing what happens.  And often during those days, I’m also remembering to breathe in the gifts of life I easily take for granted.

As you can see, I have many stories.  What are yours?  How was your day, today?  What feather did you find on your doorstep?  What did you see on the way to work, home, or school?  What connected you with you and the world?

As you are awe-inspired, post comments, let us know and we will be awe-inspired with you!



About Kathleen

At the heart of my being, I am a creator, explorer and teacher. I love moving a concept into life so I know what life feels like – first hand – and then I share it and put the new knowledge into action.
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